Friday, November 19, 2010

Smile big for me

" A smile costs you nothing but the returns are huge"
~All-Smile Philosopher

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I was on campus with a couple of friends the other day when a man walked up and spoke with us. I do not quite remember what the conversation was about, but I ended up receiving the "I LOVE YOUR SMILE" sticker that you see in the picture. The sticker slipped my mind and remained in my book bag for a few days, until I saw this quote. I placed that sticker on the front of my notebook and that is where the sticker will stay. 
That sticker will remind me of the feelings a simple smile evokes in me. I always smile at people and love it when they return the smile. It portrays kindness. A simple smiles creates a friendship of some sort. it's just amazing. 

So, try to smile more often. You brighten up your face and may be surprised by the results!


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