Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm coming out of the cupboard




Wingardium Leviosa!

Do you recognize these words and where they are from? How about:

Expecto patronum!!

If you don't then you should be ashamed. How could you not recognize these spells from Harry Potter?
OK, I get it. Not everyone out there enjoys, let alone can stand, the Harry Potter books and movies. When the books first came out, I was one of those skeptics. I actually thought that if I read the Harry Potter books I would be considered nerdy and that those in school would make fun of me. Heck, I made m fun of my sister for reading them. 

I did not read the books until the 4th one came out. I remember the day that I got sucked into the Harry Potter craze. My mother, sisters and I had taken a trip to visit my cousin in South Carolina. My sisters were in the living room playing video games with my cousin's son and all of the adults were talking and reminiscing in the kitchen. My cousin saw that I was bored and showed me into the room that she liked to call her "mini library". She then asked me if I had already read the Harry Potter books. When I let on that I had not, she told me to at least read the first one before I cast it off. So, I did. I found a blanket and a comfy spot in the room and started reading. I was so absorbed in the book and ended up finishing it in 3 hours. I immediately started the second book. When I finished the second one, I picked up the third one and kept reading. As I was reading the books, I was swept into the stories. It was as if the emotions of Harry, Ron, and Hermione were my own. I started feeling connected to each and every character (except for Lord Voldemort and his followers, of course). 

I ended up buying all of the books for myself. I pre-ordered the rest of the books and was there to pick them up on opening night. I am obsessed and the making and release of the first six Harry Potter movies has fed my obsession. So, here I am today awaiting the first part of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Those that are close to me know that I am obsessed with Harry Potter. But, I do not publicize my obsession. I can honestly say that I do not own an article of clothing with the Harry Potter logo, or anything that has to do with Harry Potter. Many of the people I met in school this year had no idea that I wanted to see the movie. I was so excited and so worried that I would not find someone to go with me. I was actually going to wait until my boyfriend came back to drag him to see the movie. But, then a miracle happened. My friend asked me on a Harry Potter date and now I am going to see the movie at the midnight premiere. SO EXCITED!

So, Now I have officially come out of the cupboard! I am obsessed with Harry Potter and I do not care who knows or what you think of it!!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of some of my favorite characters and I hope I inspired you to come out of the cupboard! Believe me, there is nothing to be ashamed of!
I leave with this:



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