Friday, November 26, 2010


As soon as I read this quote I thought of my boyfriend. I thought of him because he was the first person that made me realize that songs and music can evoke memories of people and moments in my life.

 How did he do this, you ask? Well, when we first started dating I noticed that he would always change the radio station to a classic rock station. Then he went on his internship for six months. Whenever I would listen to a song playing on that radio station, I would be reminded of him. I would remember conversations that we had and laughs that we had. The music was always playing in the background.

So, yes. I agree with this quote. Music can help to jog your memory and help you recall happy moments. Music is constant!

So, I leave you with this quote. Now whenever you hear this song, you will remember the day that you read this entry :)


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