Sunday, November 28, 2010

365 Days of Happiness: November 22-November 28

Oh, Poor Turkeys! I imagine that they've had such a rough week because of Thanksgiving. BUT, let's not think of that (because I do not want to feel guilty for stuffing myself full of Turkey on Thanksgiving). Let's jump into the happy list! 

Monday November 22
Pride and Prejudice

I have read this book thousands of times every time I read it I pick up on different elements of the story. After reading it so many times, I decided that it was necessary to read it again to write down quotes and ideas that I thought were interesting. You would not believe the number of quotes that I wrote down. Each quote signifies the view that society had of women and their roles. They also show how much times have changed since then.
 Honestly, I think this book should be read by everybody. Not, only does it have views and ideas that everybody should become familiar with, but it has a love story. It portrays the love between different couples and how two people who are so stubborn can be compatible with each other.

A must read! I promise!

Tuesday November 23
Babu's B-day

It's my boyfriends birthday today and he is 23 years old. I couldn't spend this day with him, BUT i know he had an amazing day. It's so close to Thanksgiving and I am in a "Thanks-Grateful" mood. So, I am so grateful for my amazing boyfriend and thankful that he has had 23 amazing years on this Earth. 

Wednesday November 24
I have always liked Snickers bars. They are so yummy. I mean, how could anyone resist the combination of peanuts, caramel, and chocolate. YUMMY!!!

I especially like the Snickers Almonds! 

Thursday November 25
Thanksgiving Day

Mmmhmmm... I usually do not like turkey but Thanksgiving day turkey is the best. So yummy. I guess turkey is one of the reasons why I love Thanksgiving so much. I love Thanksgiving because of the gathering of family of friends around an amazing feast that takes all day to prepare. It allows you to bond with family and stuff your face all in one day! I love it.

Friday November 26
Pictures of Space

I have always been fascinated with space. So much so that I wanted to be an astronaut when I was younger. The pictures are amazing and they make me feel a sense of wonder. I can look at these pictures for hours and never get bored. If you don't believe me, look at my tumblr account (
 and you will see what I mean. 

Saturday November 27

I chose this picture because I know my boyfriend would appreciate it. But the focus of today's entry is Legos. I used to LOVE playing with Legos and I think that I still have not lost that love for Legos. The other day I was tempted to get a Star Wars Lego set and assemble it for my boyfriend. It's like a jigsaw puzzle. 

Sunday November 28

 You can say what you want. You can laugh and make fun, but I love my Tamagotchi. I bought it like ten years ago (maybe even longer) and just found it amidst my junk. I guess this is my way of filling the void of a puppy that I want!

So that is the end of this update. Hope you enjoyed!


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