Monday, November 8, 2010

365 Days of Happiness: November 1-November 7

If someone loves a flower of which just one example exists among all the millions and millions of stars, that's enough to make him happy when he looks at the stars.  
~Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry, The Little Prince, 1943

Halloween is over, and crunch time has begun. Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks and the last days of Fall 2010 semester are approaching rapidly. With these times comes many late study nights, all nighters, and stressful days. It is going to be extremely hard to focus on finding the things that make me happy.

 But it's not impossible. There will always be simple things that make me laugh and smile. I know this because I was able to encounter sources of happiness this week amidst homework, studying, and work. So, here I am. I squeezed time in to update my list. Hope you enjoy!

Monday November 1
Flintstones "Happy Anniversary" Video

I woke up this morning in a daze; thinking of my boyfriend and had the urge to send him an anniversary video. During my search, my attention fell upon The Flintstones "Happy Anniversary" Video. (It is linked above). This video is perfect. I would definitely do something like that for my boyfriend. It also reminded me of how much I love The Flintstones. 

Tuesday November 2
Picture of Babu

Yes, I know. I know. This is yet ANOTHER posting about my boyfriend. It's just he sent me a picture of himself today. It was a picture that I took approximately a year ago. I took it when I went to visit him in Boston and he looks amazing in it. I saw the picture and it instantaneously put a smile on my face. I have not been able to wipe it from my face all day.

Wednesday November 3

 I have always had an obsession with writing utensils. Sharpies definitely top that list! There are just so many types of Sharpies out there. There are fine-tipped Sharpie markers; Sharpie pens and even Sharpie highlighters. I think I love them because of the colors. They are just amazing!

Tuesday November 4
My Zune

Last Christmas my mother had no idea what she was going to give me for Christmas. She kept hounding me to give her a list of things that I wanted. When I would not give in, she took things into her own hands. She found out that my MP3 player died and she then set out to get me a new one. My Zune HD is the result. I absolutely love it. I associate my Zune with a time of relaxation and calm. this may be due to the fact that I use it to listen to music when I am upset or bored.

Friday November 5
Tropichop from Pollo Tropical

Yummy. Yummy. Yummy. So tasty. So yummy! AMAZING! Last year, a Pollo Tropical was added to the Reitz union. Ever since then, Pollo Tropical is my go-to lunch place while I'm in the Union. Lately, I have not been in the Union too often. But, Today I went with a friend. Having the Tropichop for the first time in months made me realize how much I love it!

Saturday November 6

I absolutely love the International House of Pancakes and I always order the same thing when I eat there. Honestly, if you do not like IHOP we cannot be friends. How can you resist the Strawberry covered pancakes? Or the crepes? or the French toast. Everything is just extremely delicious!

Sunday November 7
Making Key copies

I am a leasing assistant, but part of my work duties is making copies of keys for residents, I was actually afraid to do it the first time. And was bad at making keys at the beginning. But, now I can be considered a professional. I do not know why i love making copies. But I do!

So, now that I think about it, this weeks list has to be the most random and weird segment of the list! I guess it reiterates how weird I am.

But I love it and you should too!

With lots of Love,

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