Sunday, October 24, 2010

365 Days of Happiness: October 18-24

This picture was taken during my trip to California. I absolutely love it. It's simple yet it stirs up so many memories. I see this picture makes me miss my boyfriend so much. But, let's not dwell on that. I am going to relay my additions to my list of happiness!!!

Monday October 18


This show is HILARIOUS. The show follows Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster while they trick the Santa Barbara Police Department and make the police believe that Shawn is a psychic. They always get into the funniest situations and they are constantly making me laugh. If you have not seen the show, I suggest you watch it. At the end of one episode, your cheeks will be so sore from laughing. 


Tuesday October 19

Cosmopolitan Magazine

If you have not actually picked up a Cosmopolitan magazine and read through one, please do the following. 

STOP reading the blog

GO to your nearest Wal-Mart, bookstore, convenience store, or grocery store

BUY the latest Cosmopolitan Magazine 

and READ Through it


Call me and ask to borrow a copy of one of mine. ( This is probably the easiest route).

If you are reading this line and still have not read through a Cosmo, then tsk tsk. But, you can continue reading if you would like. But, it is definitely a worthwhile read. The magazine is actually informative. I actually feel comfortable reading the articles that focus on the sexual aspects of human life. Every time I read the magazine, I realize that there are actually people out there that have the same thoughts that I am sometimes ashamed of thinking. I absolutely love reading the "Confessions" section of the magazine. In this section, readers are able to send in stories about embarrassing, or awkward (usually sexual) moments in their life. I ALWAYS find myself laughing or smiling while (and after) I read the confessions. If you do not want to read through the whole magazine, I suggest you just read the "Confessions" section.  You will not be sorry. 


Wednesday October 20

Thomas Kinkade paintings

Thomas Kinkade paintings have caught my eye since I was ten years old. That was when I walked by a Thomas Kinkade store in the mall and had to turn back to actually go into the store. I spent 30 minutes in there and still could spend many hours in Thomas Kinkade stores just staring at the paintings. His paintings are amazing. I was so glad when I found that there is a store in St. Augustine, and when I went to visit my boyfriend we also found a store. 
I love how the colors in the painting seem to blend. His paintings always seem so peaceful, serene, and perfect. As if the world portrayed in the painting contains no evil and that the people portrayed have no worries. 

Dear Reader, 
Since I am now relaying my love for Thomas Kinkade paintings, I would like to put this out there. I will definitely NOT say no, if you decided to get me a painting. I absolutely love his paintings that portray winter cottages, or fall scenery!


Thursday October 21



I could not choose just one thing for today, so I decided that it would be fun and appropriate to add two things for the day.

Look at the picture of the turtles. Don't they just melt your little heart. they are adorable. Part of their appeal is that they are quite little. I have always loved turtles. they are easy to care for and never turn on you. At least the turtles that I had when I was younger never turned on me. It made me so happy today when I stumbled upon a cute turtle while on my way out of the office. A large turtle was just hanging out in front of the doors. My first instinct was to take a picture. I then, attempted to make a new friend. Although gaining a new friend was not accomplished, I was reminded of how cute turtles are. 

After work, I had dinner with a friend. Throughout the conversation during dinner, I was contemplating the right way to tell the story of my encounter with the turtle. And when i finally got my story out, the conversation somehow turned from turtles to sleeping habits to glasses. This turn in conversation reminded me of how much I love glasses. Actually, I would rather people wear their glasses than wear contacts. I cannot describe what the glasses do to a persons features, BUT I love it when people wear glasses. (This is a hint to my boyfriend!!!)


Friday October 22


The leaves. The colors. The change in weather. All I can say is LOVE and BEAUTIFUL. I know that I live in Florida and I am sure the Fall season in Florida does not produce as much beauty as the Northern states, BUT Fall in Florida is also beautiful and comfortable. The ceasing of extreme heat and the transition into cooler days makes you fall in love. 


Saturday October 23


I had not played this game for the longest time until the other day. My friend had a Playstation, and I pulled out my Rayman game. I can honestly tell you that I don't remember which Rayman game I played, BUT I loved it. It brought me back to a time when I had this game for my computer AND for the Playstation. My sister and I would always play, and my abuela (who also had a Playstation and would play games on her system by herself all the time) would play along with my sisters and me. 


Sunday October 24

Cinnamon Apple Scent

I have always been in love with this scent. Christmas is my favorite holiday, and this scent will always remind me of Christmas. I love the spiciness and sweetness of the scent.


There's my update. Hope you enjoyed it. So go out and buy a cinnamon apple candle and sit down to read your Cosmo magazine!

Much love,


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