Sunday, October 31, 2010

365 Days of Happiness: October 25-October 31

Trick or Treat
Smell my feet
Give me something good to eat
If you don't
I don't care
I'll pull down your underwear

I think that was an appropriate intro to this week's list of happiness. Now let's fly into my world of happiness. 

Monday October 25

Pretty Little Liars

Aria Montgomery. Emily Fields. Spencer Hastings. Hannah Marin. 
These are four girls that have a HUGE secret. They are best friends, and the "queen bee" of the group, Ali DiLaurentis, went missing. "Pretty Little Liars" focuses on the lives of these four girls. And, as the show proceeds, you start to figure out what is going on.

All I can say is, I am addicted, and confused. So, I think I will keep watching!!!
Tuesday October 26

Zero Bars

I meet so many people that have never heard of this candy bar. This surprises me because I grew up eating Zero bars. Whenever I went to the grocery store with my mother, my mother would always allow me to get one candy bar in the checkout aisle. My first choice was the Zero bar. How could I resist the combination of peanut, caramel, and almond nougat covered with delicious white fudge.


Wednesday October 27
My eyes

This may sound crazy, but I love my eyes. I used to complain about how dark they were. I used to wish that I had green, hazel, or blue eyes. But now, I absolutely love my eyes. It may be because my boyfriend loves my eyes. He might have influenced me to start liking my eyes.  
Thursday October 28

They can be used in rain or shine. All I can say is that I just think that umbrellas are cute.
Friday October 29


Mr. Monk. Sherona. Natalie. Lieutenant Disher. Leland Stottlemeyer. Dr. Kroger.
These are all characters from Monk. An amazing show that will have you crying because you are laughing so hard. Mr. Monk and his phobias are so ridiculous. Yet, his attention to detail and his ability to remember everything he sees and hears is amazing. If you have not seen it, you definitely should!

"It's a gift..... and a curse" -Mr. Monk
Saturday October 30

Candy Corn

I have always loved Candy Corn. Every Halloween I buy a huge bag and totally pig out on them. Some people think it's disgusting, but I absolutely love them. So, if you would like to impress me just go out and get me a bag of candy corn. I won't complain. You will automatically be moved up on my friends list. That's a promise!


Sunday October 31


3.5 Year anniversary

Halloween. I loved this "holiday" when I was younger. I then went through a period where I couldn't stand it. I hated the thought that it was acceptable for women to go out and dress with the least amount of clothes possible. But I then realized how fun Halloween could be. Dressing up and scaring people. ESPECIALLY the candy!!!

The fact that Halloween falls on the same day as my 3.5 year anniversary makes Halloween so much better. Now, if I dress "slutty" on Halloween, i know it's for my boyfriend. I am totally kidding. I am not the type to go out and dress slutty, but you know what I mean.

My 3.5 year anniversary makes me extremely happy. I cannot stop smiling, and am SO proud of my relationship and the fact that we made it this far.


OK, I'll stop now and allow you to engorge yourself with candy!

I leave you with an evil witch laugh....


Three and a half years....

A year ago, I started a list of goals on "43 Things". The first item on my list was "To find someone who loves me as much as I love them". On this day, I am going to mark this item as completed. I love someone so much that I am willing to do anything for him; and I believe that he loves me just as much.

Today is our three and a half year anniversary, and I am so excited and so proud of the relationship that we have built. This entry is dedicated to my loving boyfriend. He is awesomeness, happiness, and love wrapped into one. I still get the tingles when I think about him. Seeing him still puts a smile on my face. When he holds my hand, it still makes me so happy. All in all, I am extremely happy, and I feel like a school girl who is falling in love all over again. 

"You are all that I have longed for
You have made my dreams come true.
There is no greater gift to have
Than being loved by you."

I am going to leave with that quote.
I love you with all of my heart baby.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

365 Days of Happiness: October 18-24

This picture was taken during my trip to California. I absolutely love it. It's simple yet it stirs up so many memories. I see this picture makes me miss my boyfriend so much. But, let's not dwell on that. I am going to relay my additions to my list of happiness!!!

Monday October 18


This show is HILARIOUS. The show follows Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster while they trick the Santa Barbara Police Department and make the police believe that Shawn is a psychic. They always get into the funniest situations and they are constantly making me laugh. If you have not seen the show, I suggest you watch it. At the end of one episode, your cheeks will be so sore from laughing. 


Tuesday October 19

Cosmopolitan Magazine

If you have not actually picked up a Cosmopolitan magazine and read through one, please do the following. 

STOP reading the blog

GO to your nearest Wal-Mart, bookstore, convenience store, or grocery store

BUY the latest Cosmopolitan Magazine 

and READ Through it


Call me and ask to borrow a copy of one of mine. ( This is probably the easiest route).

If you are reading this line and still have not read through a Cosmo, then tsk tsk. But, you can continue reading if you would like. But, it is definitely a worthwhile read. The magazine is actually informative. I actually feel comfortable reading the articles that focus on the sexual aspects of human life. Every time I read the magazine, I realize that there are actually people out there that have the same thoughts that I am sometimes ashamed of thinking. I absolutely love reading the "Confessions" section of the magazine. In this section, readers are able to send in stories about embarrassing, or awkward (usually sexual) moments in their life. I ALWAYS find myself laughing or smiling while (and after) I read the confessions. If you do not want to read through the whole magazine, I suggest you just read the "Confessions" section.  You will not be sorry. 


Wednesday October 20

Thomas Kinkade paintings

Thomas Kinkade paintings have caught my eye since I was ten years old. That was when I walked by a Thomas Kinkade store in the mall and had to turn back to actually go into the store. I spent 30 minutes in there and still could spend many hours in Thomas Kinkade stores just staring at the paintings. His paintings are amazing. I was so glad when I found that there is a store in St. Augustine, and when I went to visit my boyfriend we also found a store. 
I love how the colors in the painting seem to blend. His paintings always seem so peaceful, serene, and perfect. As if the world portrayed in the painting contains no evil and that the people portrayed have no worries. 

Dear Reader, 
Since I am now relaying my love for Thomas Kinkade paintings, I would like to put this out there. I will definitely NOT say no, if you decided to get me a painting. I absolutely love his paintings that portray winter cottages, or fall scenery!


Thursday October 21



I could not choose just one thing for today, so I decided that it would be fun and appropriate to add two things for the day.

Look at the picture of the turtles. Don't they just melt your little heart. they are adorable. Part of their appeal is that they are quite little. I have always loved turtles. they are easy to care for and never turn on you. At least the turtles that I had when I was younger never turned on me. It made me so happy today when I stumbled upon a cute turtle while on my way out of the office. A large turtle was just hanging out in front of the doors. My first instinct was to take a picture. I then, attempted to make a new friend. Although gaining a new friend was not accomplished, I was reminded of how cute turtles are. 

After work, I had dinner with a friend. Throughout the conversation during dinner, I was contemplating the right way to tell the story of my encounter with the turtle. And when i finally got my story out, the conversation somehow turned from turtles to sleeping habits to glasses. This turn in conversation reminded me of how much I love glasses. Actually, I would rather people wear their glasses than wear contacts. I cannot describe what the glasses do to a persons features, BUT I love it when people wear glasses. (This is a hint to my boyfriend!!!)


Friday October 22


The leaves. The colors. The change in weather. All I can say is LOVE and BEAUTIFUL. I know that I live in Florida and I am sure the Fall season in Florida does not produce as much beauty as the Northern states, BUT Fall in Florida is also beautiful and comfortable. The ceasing of extreme heat and the transition into cooler days makes you fall in love. 


Saturday October 23


I had not played this game for the longest time until the other day. My friend had a Playstation, and I pulled out my Rayman game. I can honestly tell you that I don't remember which Rayman game I played, BUT I loved it. It brought me back to a time when I had this game for my computer AND for the Playstation. My sister and I would always play, and my abuela (who also had a Playstation and would play games on her system by herself all the time) would play along with my sisters and me. 


Sunday October 24

Cinnamon Apple Scent

I have always been in love with this scent. Christmas is my favorite holiday, and this scent will always remind me of Christmas. I love the spiciness and sweetness of the scent.


There's my update. Hope you enjoyed it. So go out and buy a cinnamon apple candle and sit down to read your Cosmo magazine!

Much love,


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

...just holding hands

" If I fell in love with you

would you promise to be true

And help me understand

'Cause I've been in love before

And I've found that love is more

Than just holding hands

If I gave my heart to you

I must be sure from the very start

that you would love me more than her

If I trust in you, oh please

don't run and hide,

if I love you too, oh please

don't hurt my pride like her

'Cause I couldn't stand the pain

And I would be sad

If our new love was in vain

So I hope you see that I

would love to love you

And that she will cry

when she learns we are two

'Cause I couldn't stand the pain

And I would be sad

If our new love was in vain

So I hope you see that I

would love to love you

And that she will cry

when she learns we are two

If I fell in love with you"

-The Beatles

I was walking on campus with my headphones on, when this song started to play. It is one of my favorite songs to sing along to, but I had never really listened to the lyrics. Of course, I knew the words, but I never let them sink in. Never let myself contemplate the meaning.

Finally, I let myself listen to the words, and I started crying. I don't exactly know why, but I did. It made me think about love; how fickle it can be, and how easy one can be hurt when love is involved. I have noticed that love can be so confusing. The more you think about it and try to make sense of it, the more questions you have.

You always hear about "young love" or "teen love". People often scoff at it as if it is something that will not last. Honestly, I often look at couples in high school and think "They will not make it past high school". But is that necessarily how it has to be? Is there truth in what I am thinking? Can you really fall in love when you are in high school? I know it may "feel" like love, but is it real? I don't know the answers to these questions, but I honestly believe that love, no matter what age you are, is real. But, just because there is that feeling of love does not mean that the relationship will last, or that no one will get hurt.

I have found that actions hurt the most when there is love present. And, once someone has been hurt, it is harder for them to allow themselves to love again. This may be the reason why I started crying when I heard the song and actually listened to the lyrics. The song portrays the hesitation that is present when you are starting to love someone, yet don't want to give in to that love because of past experiences and hurts. It expresses that love not only has a physical aspect but an emotional aspect.

With love, comes trust. And this trust can make or break a relationship. This song made me cry because of the meaning in it, and because it hit so close to home. I HAVE been in a situation where I have been hesitant to allow myself to love someone; hesitant to allow someone to break down the barrier that I have built, and become someone that is a large present in my life; hesitant to allow someone in my inner circle and know my secrets, my passions, and the things that make me laugh. But, I have learned that you should give people chances, especially if you love them. Allow people to earn your trust, and to show you that they are different. Let them prove to you that they love you. You will never know what will happen, unless you give it a chance. Whether the ending is good or bad, you will learn something and become wiser.

So, just open your heart and allow the love to come pouring out. Take your loves hand and give them a kiss. Show the love. Just realize that "love is more than just holding hands".
Lourdes :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

365 Days of Happiness: October 13-17

"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination"


I am on my trek back to reality now. Leaving my boyfriend and heading back home. Amazing trip and AS ALWAYS my boyfriend made this trip memorable and made it extremely hard for me to tear myself away from him. I am here not to update my list of happiness and hoping that recounting this list will cheer me up.


Wednesday October 13

Flying to see my boyfriend

Seeing my boyfriends face for the first time in a long time

So, I have two things for today and thought they were appropriate. First off, I was so excited about the trip that I was unable to stay asleep this morning. I woke up 2 hours before my alarm and just sat around my house daydreaming about my boyfriend. My anticipation and enthusiasm level was 6 (on a scale from 1 to 10). I went to class and then took the shuttle to the airport. It was in the shuttle that my enthusiasm level hit 8. I was almost to the airport and it would be a matter of time before I would see my boyfriends face. Once I was on the second flight, my enthusiasm skyrocketed and I could not control it. The plane ride was amazing. Just knowing that he would be near me in a few hours.

Then, coming off of the plane and seeing my boyfriend next to the car. It had been so long since I had seen his face. It was just amazing and it made me so happy. i can't even describe the happiness.


Thursday October 14

Holding my boyfriends hand

One of the things I am loving about this trip:

Holding my boyfriends hand WHENEVER I want.

The warmth and the security that is present in a hand hold is amazing. Whenever my boyfriend instinctively grabs for my hands when we are walking, I am comforted with the knowledge that he loves me and always find myself with a smile on my face.

Friday October 15

Shopping for clothes with my boyfriend

I know what you are thinking. I sound selfish and materialistic. But honestly, we went shopping for my boyfriend and I had so much fun. I love picking out things for him and seeing the kinds of clothes that he picks out. I could tell that he had fun, and when I saw that he was having fun, it made me feel so good.


Saturday October 16


Seeing grapes on a vine

My boyfriend took me to a couple of vineyards and the drive there was amazing. The scenery. GORGEOUS. It actually made me cry. I have found where I would like to live (other than in Florida) when I settle down.

Visiting the vineyards allowed me to see, for the FIRST TIME, grapes hanging from a vine. The picture is a picture that I took. Isn't it cool? it's weird that I love grapes and have eaten grapes all my life, but have never seen grapes in a vine.


Sunday October 17

Looking at the pictures on the way back home from a trip

I left my boyfriend today and thought about my entry for today. I am sad and leaving my boyfriend suddenly made me feel lonely. What could I be happy about?
I sat on the plane and pulled out my camera to look at the pictures. It hit me as I was fighting back tears and taking in the beautiful scenes that were taken with my camera. My happy thing of the day is looking at the pictures from a trip for the first time. This cheered me up and actually put a smile on my face. Although it made me cry, it also made me thankful for the opportunity to see my beloved boyfriend and make these wonderful memories that I will never be able to erase from my mind.


So, this is how I end my "vacation" entry. I will now transition myself into the real world and not allow myself to become sad because I miss my boyfriend. I will allow myself to miss him AND be happy.

Hope that this entry made you love my boyfriend as much as I do, and that it made you happy. I hope it inspired you to find happiness in the simplest things.

Much love and happiness,


(or Deloris to those friends of babu that couldn't get my name right)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

365 Days of Happiness Oct 5-12

Life becomes precious and more special to us when we look for the little everyday miracles and get excited about the privileges of simply being human

Tim Hansel quotes

I am living in excitement and anticipation. My trip to visit the love of my life is coming up soon. So, I am going to update my awesome list to deal with the excitement and to stop me from just laying on the couch and daydream about what I am going to do when I first see my love.
Here I go. I will just dive in.


Tuesday October 5

My Math Grad classmates

I was so nervous when I started graduate school. I was in a familiar city, and was familiar with the school, BUT I was entering a new section of my life. I was starting a new program with new people. People that I did not know. People that I absolutely love now that I have had the time to get to know them. They are awesome and so easy to talk to. So, this is a shout out to the awesome mathematics grad students :)


Wednesday October 6

1 Week till I see Babu

I cannot believe how fast time is flowing by. It seems as if it was just yesterday that I was typing that I would see my boyfriend in two weeks. And NOW, I am seeing him in exactly a week. How exciting!! I just hope that he is as excited as I am.


Thursday October 7

My will to never give up

It amazes me when I see people give up. Do they not realize that they will never know whether or not they can do something if they don't even try? For that reason, I will never give up on things. Just knowing that, makes me feel good about myself. I am not a quitter and you shouldn't be either.


Friday October 8

My coworkers

I started my job in July and met some amazing people. I come into work everyday excited to interact with my coworkers. So, this is a shout-out to the best coworkers ever :)


Saturday October 9

Long Island Iced Tea

Just thinking about one makes my mouth water. I absolutely love the taste of this drink, and it is usually my first choice. And, for those of you that know me, you know that I am not usually fond of many drinks. So, If you have never had one, just go and try one. They are amazing. YUMMY!


Sunday October 10


I can honestly say that Facebook makes me happy. I am so addicted. The first thing I do when I turn on my computer is check Facebook, update my status, and then I can do the important things. Weird, huh? It's sad that it makes me happy. But, I love that it allows me to keep up with those that I otherwise would not be able to keep up with.


Monday October 11

The Historian

This book is engrossing. I have read it 3-4 times and have enjoyed reading it each time. If you have not read it yet, I suggest you do. BUT, my suggestion comes with a warning. Be sure that you don't have important homework or schoolwork due soon because you definitely will have a hard time putting down the book to work on homework.

Tuesday October 12


I am noticing more and more that anticipation does not have to be a bad thing. I live my life in constant anticipation. At this moment, I am anticipating my travel to California to see my wonderful boyfriend. I cannot wait to kiss him, hug him, hold his hand, and just be near him. I am so excited that I find myself having trouble falling asleep just because I know that this time tomorrow he will be next to me. I am anxious yet am in so much pleasure knowing that it's so close.


Hope you feel as loved and are as happy as I will be when I see my boyfriend tomorrow!!

Much love,