Monday, September 27, 2010

Picture a Day: Day 32

So, This is the sky that welcomed me after leaving my Topology class today. I should not have been surprised since I could hear all of the thunder and lightning throughout the 20 minutes of class. Also, the loss of power in class (and throughout the whole of campus as I later found out) should have clued me in. It is kind of scary, but I just love the many "looks" of the clouds in the sky. Seeing this automatically triggers a need for my bed and a lengthy book.

Sorry to say, this is the last of the daily pictures. I have reached my goal (which, if you have forgotten, is take a picture a day for a month) and decided that I would like to continue it, but at my leisure. It won't be "mandatory".

So, I hope you enjoyed :)

Much love and happiness,

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