Sunday, September 26, 2010

365 Days of Happiness: September 20-26

Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.

Rabindranath Tagore

At this moment, It's almost as if my life is like this picture. My life has so many beautiful aspects to it, and being able to get this far in my "365 Days of Happiness" list is just one aspect of the beauty in my life. How lucky am I to be able to find so many things that make me happy. So, I am going to continue with my list.

Monday September 20

Surprise gifts from my boyfriend

I am pretty sure that everyone loves receiving gifts. If you are like me, you definitely love surprises, at least surprises from those that you love. So, this "happiness" entry is inspired by something my boyfriend did. He is adorable. He sent me a surprise gift, and gave me hints as to what it was every day. I was living in anticipation for 2 week. I had something to look forward to. And now that I have received the gift, I am living in happiness enjoying it.

Tuesday September 21

Cary Grant

How Handsome.

How sexy.

How mysterious.

Oh, Cary Grant. You have haunted my mind for years now. I have seen so many of your movies and have enjoyed all of them. These are some of the reasons why you have been placed on my list.

To those who do not know who Cary Grant is. SHAME ON YOU. I am totally kidding. But, I suggest that you watch the following movies before you talk to me next time.
1) North by Northwest
2) Notorious
3) An Affair to Remember
4) To Catch a Thief
5) A Philadelphia Story
Those are only some of his movies. But they are my favorites. Just remember that he has made my "Happiness" list and he could make you happy too.

Wednesday September 22

3 weeks to go

My trip to see my amazing boyfriend is 3 weeks away and I am so excited. It is hard for me to focus on anything other than things related to my trip.
What I am going to do when I see him?
What am I going to pack?
Oh, how am I going to let school distract me from the fact that I am going to see him in 3 weeks. I am so happy that I am actually finding it hard to study. OH BOY! I am excited.
Thursday September 23

Early morning weather

Isn't it the best feeling in the world to wake up and look out the window and discover dew all over the grass, leaves, and flowers. It is so beautiful and refreshing. I love how the sun reflects off of the dew droplets how golden and gleaming the world seems. So rich and wonderful. It is no wonder that this makes me so happy!

Friday September 24

The Top

I absolutely love this restaurant. I have only been here a couple of times, but have always gone with special people. What makes me like this restaurant so much? I love the way the restaurant is decorated. Very unique, yet I always have to look around at the pictures on the walls. I also love the food. Although I have only ordered one dish. ( I am one of those people. The ones that pick a dish that they like at a restaurant and sticks to only that dish. )

Saturday September 25

Gators winning a football game

You know you are a true Gator when this makes you extremely happy. Just looking at the picture evokes emotions. "Orange" and "Blue" has always been beautiful to me, BUT never as beautiful as it does after a Gator win. Whenever we win a football game, it makes me want to cry and makes me so proud to be a Florida Gator. Hopefully it makes you just as proud.

Sunday September 26

Olive Garden
So, I just recently had dinner with my beautiful neighbor. We had a small glass of wine and talked. Where did we go? Olive Garden. Can you say YUMMY?!?! So delicious and so filling. I love going to Olive Garden. Everything I order there always comes out amazing. I usually get the Five Cheese Ziti and I always leave completely fulfilled. I mean, How could you not? Never-ending bread basket. And you cannot deny how yummy the bread sticks are. Oh, no wonder this restaurant made the list!

So, this is the end of the list for now!

I'll be living in anticipation for my trip in 2-3 weeks. So excited!



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