Saturday, September 11, 2010

365 Days of Happiness: Sept. 3-11

I am back and am ready to update my list. My computer got sick and needed to be taken to a doctor; Hence the gap in updates.
I am just going to plunge in!

Friday September 3

Cheese Sticks

What is it that makes this fried food so good? I cannot really put my finger on it. You would think something so simple wouldn't make me so happy. BUT, cheese sticks always do. I am always fulfilled after eating them AND I am finding out that they have the same effect on my friends.

Saturday September 4

Gator game days

How could you walk around campus, or Gainesville, on a Gator game day and hate it? I love the sea of Orange and blue that the campus becomes. It's amazing. I love the random gator chomps, and the random cries of "GO GATORS! ORANGE.....BLUE". It's so beautiful.
Sunday September 5


Wait, You don't know what BBM is? What planet do you come from? I'm kidding! BBM is Blackberry Messenger and it has become a favorite. I use it to keep in touch with friends that NEVER answer texts. It really is nothing special, but it just makes me FEEL special because only Blackberry owners have it. Hence, Feeling special makes me happy.
Monday September 6

My Blackberry

What can I say? Sounds materialistic doesn't it? But I do not really care. I love my Blackberry because it allows me to keep in touch with my friends. I can send pictures, email, call, send texts, and even update my blog with it. It has gotten me through a lot. So, I will honestly say that I am in cell-phone love with my Blackberry.
Tuesday September 7

The Big Bang Theory

This was a show that I enjoyed, but was never really "hooked" until recently. My friend, whom I shall not name, was always mentioning the show, and knew some scenes by heart. I became curious and decided to watch more episodes of this show. I have decided that this was a bad idea. I have become hooked. I absolutely love this show and think that I should be on the show too. The men are so NERDY and socially awkward. I love it. I always end up laughing hysterically when I watch an episode.

Wednesday September 8

Cheese Pizza

I have created a cheese theme for this entry. I absolutely love cheese pizza and am always disheartened when I go to a pizza party and there isn't cheese pizza. Isn't it weird that I am such a cheese fanatic, but I am dating a man that hates cheese.

Thursday September 9

Listening to my boyfriend when he speaks about his "technical" stuff

I just realized that I loved this. He called me the other day and started telling me about something, and I just sat there trying to understand what he was saying, but reveling in the thought that my boyfriend was super smart. It makes me feel good when I can hear the excitement in his voice.

Friday September 10

My computer

I absolutely love me computer. Mainly for the same reasons as loving my Blackberry. I did not realize how much I depend on my computer until it got sick. that was when I realized how much I loved it. It was on my computer that I received all the loving messages from my boyfriend, or watched so many shows. So, Mr. HP Echagarruga (that is what I am naming my computer for now), I am publicly announcing that I love you.

Saturday September 11

Our troops

It's the day of remembrance. Remember all of those people that died in New York on this very day several years ago. But, don't forget the troops that have died also. Always remember them. I guess this topic should make me sad. But, it doesn't. It makes me proud to know that we have so many brave AMERICANS out there. Every time I look at an American flag, it makes me swell with pride.


I will be updating soon. I promise!!!

Much love and happiness,


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