Monday, August 9, 2010

365 Days of Happiness August 3-August 10

This has been such a busy week with work and errands to run. because it has been such a busy week, many of the things that are going to appear on the list will pertain to the busy week. So, buckle up. It's going to be a busy ride.

Tuesday August 3


I know this sounds so unhealthy, but I love McDonalds. I love that when I am hungry, I can just pop in and have a burger with fries. Maybe add an apple pie. You can never forget the dollar menu, and 69 cent cheeseburgers on Wednesdays.


Wednesday August 4

The smell of books

I absolutely love going into a bookstore, picking up books, and sniffing them. The smell of a new book is amazing. (I love the picture
Thursday August 5

Burger King

I know what you are thinking. I have unhealthy eating habits. I know but I enjoy it anyways. I love the fries, the burgers, the HERSHEY CHOCOLATE PIE.


Friday August 6


Imagine a hot day. You have been working all day in the heat. What is the one thing you want? A DRINK. I always crave water. It is so refreshing and always makes me feel better.

Saturday August 7

The Sims

My sisters and I used to spend hours playing these games. It is so addicting. I love that I can control who is in my family and what they do. I can control what job they get, who they marry, etc. I get to play God, yet with fictional characters in a computer game.
Sunday August 8


This is a game that I played with my sisters when we were very young. We played it on our first computer ever. We were captivated for hours, yet the game was so simple. I don't know why, but I just love playing this game.
Monday August 9


I do not know how SHOES have not appeared on this list earlier. I absolutely love going shoe shopping, even if it is just window shopping. I would rather go shoe shopping than any other kind of shopping. I am obsessed.
Tuesday August 10


Here's another fruit on the list. I can eat any kind of cherries. Whether they are in the jar or bought fresh at the grocery store. i can actually sit there and eat the cherries straight from the jar, and once I get started, I cannot stop.

Hope you enjoyed :)


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