Thursday, August 19, 2010

365 Days of Happiness August 11-August 18

I hope everyones life has been amazing. My life has been. Hence, I am extremely excited to put up another weeks worth of happiness.

Wednesday August 11

Orange soda

When I first met my boyfriend I thought it was extremely weird that he absolutely loved orange soda. It always reminded me of Kel from a show I used to watch, Keenan and Kel. But, that slowly changed. I am now addicted to orange soda. I do not know whether it is because I actually like it or if it is because it reminds me of my boyfriend. Nevertheless, I am addicted to orange soda and find myself buying it in the grocery store. Do you want to know the hint that orange soda makes me happy? The hint is the smile that always appears on my lips while drinking it.

Thursday August 12

The Beach

How many people can honestly say they hate the beach? Isn't that an absurd thought? A day in the sun, and splashing in the water. I love it. I have always had amazing memories at the beach. I mean, I practically grew up at the beach! So, yes, I cannot believe this did not make it onto the list earlier. But here it is. It is one of my true loves!

Friday August 13

Sudoku Puzzles
Here is my Friday routine (during school semesters) after I am done with classes:
1) Walk straight to get the Alligator
2) While walking to the bus stop, glimpse through the Alligator to find the Sudoku puzzle
3)Once on the bus, open to the Sudoku puzzle and proceed to complete the puzzle
4) etc etc
So, yes. The Sudoku puzzle is an important part of my routine. It gets me through a bus ride. I love buying Sudoku books and attempting to finish the entire book in a record time. And, DO NOT try to deny that you have a love for Sudoku puzzles. I know you probably have a stash of books hidden somewhere under your bed so that people do not discover them. :)
Saturday August 14
Grape soda
Unlike orange soda, I have always had a love for grape soda. Many people dislike it, but my love goes way back. I just do not know how to describe the attraction. All I can say is
Sunday August 15
Fruit by the Foot
This HAS to be every kids favorite snack. It's just so fruity and delicious. The rapping always had cool jokes and even tattoos. There were even different ways to eat it. You could savor the candy, or you could just chew it and gobble it up. Oh, how I used to beg for Fruit by the Foot.
Monday August 16
Red Nail Polish
There is something about red nailpolish that I love. I just cant put my finger on it. I think it is sexy and sophisticated at the same time. It just makes a girl look more put together and when I have a red manicure it always makes me feel really good.
Tuesday August 17
The hemp bracelet that Diego made me
I love hemp bracelets. But, I extra love this bracelet because my friend diego made it for me. the fact that he took the time to make this bracelet, and had me in mind, makes this bracelet more special. Enough said.
Wednesday August 18
Cherry flavored dum-dums
the other day, my friend picked me up a cherry flavored dum-dum and something clicked in my head. I REALLY LIKE THEM!!! They are sweet and not too filling. The greatest part is that its so small. Which leaves you no chance in getting sick of it!
So, That was my random list for the week. Hope you enjoyed!!!

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