Tuesday, July 20, 2010

365 days of Happiness July 6-July 18

Time for the update again. It has been so beautiful outside. Just extremely HOT!!! Many of the things that appear on this list are a direct cause of staying in and being lazy because of the heat. So, here I go...

Tuesday July 6

My boyfriends deodorant

I do not know what it is about the scent of my boyfriends deodorant, but it drives me crazy. I love it. It smells so good.

Wednesday July 7

The smell of Dawn

Yeah, you read it right. I love the smell of the dish washing soap. It smells so good and fresh. I love the fruity,yet not too string scent of Dawn.

Thursday July 8

Cookie Dough

Cookie dough in ice cream. Cookie dough in yogurt. Raw cookie dough. No matter how the cookie dough is, it all ends up in the same place. MY STOMACH. It is sooo good. Cookie dough is my comfort food. I turn to it for comfort when I am sad, depressed, lonely, etc. If you have not had cookie dough, I suggest that you try it. It is AMAZING!!!

Friday July 9

Chocolate Chip cookies

So, I'm guessing that you just read that cookie dough makes me happy. And, now you see that cookies make me happy. So, linking the clues will tell you that I made cookies yesterday (and snacked on some of the dough) and am now about to devour a (or rather a few) cookie(s). You can never eat just one cookie. The scent of the baking cookies is heavenly, and the taste of the cookies fulfills the promise that the scent has enticed us with.

Saturday July 10


"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine".

How could anyone not know that line. How could anyone watch Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart in this movie and NOT love it! I absolutely love the two amazing actors in the movie and I love the story also. It isn't your typical love story. You do not necessarily get the ending you want. BUT, the ending is perfect. It teaches you the difference between getting what you want and getting what you need. AND the difference between doing what you want versus doing what you have to do no matter if you lose the thing/ person that you want. I definitely recommend this movie if you have not seen it.

Sunday July 11

The Office

If you have read my previous blog entries, then you know how much I love this show. Every time I watch, I laugh. This is a show that one MUST watch. It may not be your favorite show, but you will definitely laugh.

Monday July 12

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

This book is amazing, and the 1940 movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock that was based on the book was also amazing. The book combines a love story with a touch of suspense. I greatly recommend that you read the book and watch the movie.

Tuesday July 13

When Natalia says "Laura"

Natalia is my cute four year old sister. She's smart and funny, and she has the cutest voice in the world. So, it is no wonder that when she says "Laura", my heart melts.

Wednesday July 14

Watching a movie with my little sister

Again, my thing of happiness involves my sister, Natalia. She came to visit the other day and we watched "Anastasia". She had never seen it, and it made me feel so good to sit with her in my laugh and watch the movie together. It felt even better when she turned around and kissed my cheek and said "Laura, you are the best". SO CUTE.

Thursday July 15

Seeing that my sister Alicia is growing up

It has been four years since I have left my mothers home for college. Meaning it has been four years since I have seen my sister EVERY DAY. She has grown up so much in the last four years. She is becoming a beautiful young lady and it makes me so happy to see her come into her own person.

Friday July 16

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Can you say AMAZING? I do not even know how to describe why I love it so much. I just do.

Saturday July 17

Taking Pictures to record a fun time

I just recently went to Ginnie Springs with a couple of friends and had an amazing time. There weren't many pictures taken, which made the pictures that were taken more special. I think that it is important to take pictures of times that you want to remember. It allows you to always look back and see how you looked, how you dressed, who you were with, what you did. It allows you to reminisce. This is why taking pictures makes me extremely happy. Because I know that I will always be able to look back and remember.

Sunday July 18

Ginnie Springs

As I said before, we went recently and I had the best time. I loved floating down the river. I was able to contemplate life and think about several things that I have been pushing back into the deep dark caves of my mind. the springs were beautiful and reminded me how much I love nature. It was amazing.

Ok, I am done for now.


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