Thursday, July 29, 2010

365 Days of Happiness July 26-August 2

Doesn't this picture make you want a milkshake? Can you say "Steak and Shake"? OK, I'll put a pause to my milkshake craving for now, so that I can continue my list of indelible happiness.

Monday July 26


MMHMMM... SO yummy!!!!I was doing my grocery shopping the other day and saw the peaches. They were staring at me and saying "eat me, I am delicious". Of course, I was skeptical. I cant recount how many times I have bought peaches and they were not up to par. BUT, this time they were actually sweet and juicy and AMAZING!! That first bite killed my ability to not give into cravings. I crave peaches twice a day, and have been back to Publix to buy peaches 3 days later. BUT, I DO NOT regret it. Peaches are amazing.

Tuesday July 27

Vanilla Milkshakes

My friend and I take a trip to Steak and Shake every other week (sometimes more often when we are not busy). But, we always get milkshakes. Vanilla milkshakes are the best. Especially the cherries on top. I always ask for extra cherries.

Wednesday July 28


I can never decide whether I like purple or green grapes. Both are good, and I can never get enough.


Thursday July 29

Legend of the Seeker

This might seem so nerdy, but I love this show. When I start watching the show, I can never stop. The women are beautiful and I love (the body) of Richard. i am just kidding about the body, but I love the characters. It kind of reminds me of Lord of the Rings.
Friday July 30

Marble Towers

I was babysitting the other night and the two boys showed me their marble towers. They were so cool. You basically build a tower with various routes that the marbles can go. You then test out teh tower with your collection of marbles. I had a blast!

Saturday July 31

Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream

Can you say YUMMY. The combination of mint and chocolate is amazing.


Sunday August 1

Werther's Original hard candies

The other day at work, my boss offered me a Werther's Original hard candy. These candies remind me of my grandfather. We would always eat these candies together.


Monday August 2


So, for all of you non-Filipino friends, this is my favorite dish. It is one of the most amazing dish. I especially love it when the meat just falls apart when you touch it with the fork. It is just amazing. There is also a famous (among close friends, family, and my boyfriend) story behind this dish. I decided to cook it one day, and left it on teh stove for too long. I ACTUALLY BURNED A STEW!!! Go figure. Only I could do something like this.

So, hopefully you enjoyed my list and hopefully something on this list makes you happy also.



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