Thursday, June 24, 2010

Etiquette-Part 1- PHONE!!!

How often are you in the following situation:

You are sitting there having a great (or at least you think it is great) conversation with a friend. Then, all of a sudden their phone vibrates and/or rings. They look at the phone and you stop talking, thinking it'll be a brief pause. BUT they do one of three things

1. They answer the text (if it is a text) and put the phone down. You continue to talk, but the phone keeps vibrating/ ringing and they continue to have a texting conversation while you are talking.

2. They answer the phone and have a long conversation while you are sitting there in shock.

3. They answer the phone and say " I'm busy right now. Is this an emergency?"

Which of the three choices happens the most for you?
I always thought that people knew how rude it was to do choice 1 and 2. But, people disappoint me. I see it all the time when I go to restaurants, or to the movies. But, what set me off was a recent event. I met someone and we decided to go to lunch. During our first lunch outing the person received a text, and they could not put the phone down after that. I spent the whole lunch as if I was by myself. It really amazes me to know that there are many people that have no idea that their actions are rude.
So, come on people. Spread the news. There is such thing as cell phone etiquette, and you are being rude when you text while talking to others, or text while watching a movie, etc.
OK, sorry for the rant. But, I felt that the message needed to be passed around.
With lots of love,

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