Friday, June 4, 2010

365 Days of Happiness May 25-June 4

So... I am here again to update my list. I hope you like it!

Tuesday May 25
Writing Poetry

It is calming, relaxing and beautiful. It gives me a way to release my thoughts and feelings. I am not saying that I have a talent for it at all, but I do enjoy it.

Wednesday May 26

I recently got my haircut. It wasn't appealing at all, and was not what I expected. BUT it is a change and change is good. And, this always happens after a haircut. I always hate it and grumble about it for a few days. Then, all of a sudden it grows on me.

Thursday May 27
Kisses from my boyfriend.

I know. This sounds cheesy. BUT shouldn't this be on the list? His kisses make me so happy. It's as if I leave the world the moment he kisses me. It is amazing!

Friday May 28
Family visits
Playing my DS

My mother came this weekend. And, I played DS with my sisters while they were here. I never realize how much I miss all of them until they come. It seems that they are never here long enough. Or that I never get to spend enough time with them. So, the time I get with them makes me so happy.

Saturday May 29
Hanging out with my mom and sisters
Kind people and their kind actions

So, this entry has to do with the last entry. I cannot say enough how happy it makes me to hang out with my family. To hang out with people that I KNOW will ALWAYS be there for me.

The second part of my entry pertains to events that have been happening in my life. I have been encountering people that offer things and give their time to me and don't expect anything back in return. Seeing people like this inspires me to do kind things for others.

Sunday May 30

This may sound funny, but I actually enjoy cleaning. It always makes me feel as if I am doing something worthwhile. And, the consequence of cleaning: A clean room or house. I love it!

Monday May 31

How many times do we overlook how awesome it is to be alive. Whenever I think about life, I think of a line from "Life" by Josh Rouse:
"Life is good, sometimes it's bad. It has its ups, and has its downs"
This line explains it all. Life has many aspects and sides to it. But, in the end. It is AMAZING. Try to always remember that.

Tuesday June 1
Little frogs after the rain

I have this obsession with frogs. Especially the tiny/baby frogs. They are just so cute and every time I see them after a shower or a downpour, they make me smile. Not one of the small, fake smiles, but a HUGE, GIGANTIC smile. I love them.

Wednesday June 2
Rain storms
How could anyone dislike rainstorms? A rainstorm gives me the perfect excuse to just stay home and relax. To pick out a perfect book and read, or to bundle up in my covers and take a long nap. The sound of the rain. It's so soothing. The sound of the thunder. It reminds you of how alive the earth is. It makes you appreciate the Earth that we live on.

Thursday June 3
Charity Events

I recently went to a charity event with my new boss. It was amazing. There was amazing food. Amazing everything. but, that wasn't what made me happy. Throughout the whole event, I kept thinking that my actions were a part of an awesome cause. The money that we raised in this charity event would benefit others out there. That was what made me happy. It felt amazing.

Friday June 4
My boyfriends eyes

Oh, eyes. They are an amazing part of the human body. But, my boyfriends eyes are the best. "BIG BEAUTIFUL EYES". (He knows this quote). I love them. And, when I look into them I always feel love. Love=happiness. Thus, When i look into his eyes, I am full of happiness.

Saturday June 5

Probably, you can tell that I love rainstorms. And what comes with rainstorms? LIGHTNING!!! I will admit. Lightning is scary at times. but it is fascinating. Seeing a flash of lightning in the dark sky just leaves me in awe. I cannot stop looking. I think that it is so beautiful.

Ok, that is it for now.

I will try to update more often. I have been so busy.
Love ya!!!

:::::::<3 Lourdes <3:::::::

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