Monday, May 24, 2010

365 Days of Happiness May 19- May 24

I'm back. I hope you enjoy this addition to the list. Try some of this out. It certainly made me happy.

Wednesday May 19

My Body

Talking Through Problems

My body. No matter what people say IT IS BEAUTIFUL! No matter what my weight, shape or size. It took me a while to realize this, but I did and it has made me happier and more self-confident.
It feels bad when problems arise in life. When I have a problem, It stays in the back of my head. I keep thinking about it. I can't sleep. I can't eat. they take over my life. But, Talking through a problem always seems to make it better. I may not come up with a solution, but at least I have thought about the circumstances. This clears my mind and gives me hope that everything is going to be OK.

Thursday May 20

Salsa Dancing

Hanging Out with a New Person

I have found something that makes me so happy. Something that I wake up thinking about. Something that I have so much fun doing.
It's so much fun. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel sexy. It makes me so much more confident in myself. It was something that I was scared of doing. And, the fact that I am having so much fun with it makes me so much happier.
Taking the salsa classes has also made me realize that hanging out with a new person is fun and enjoyable. I have learned that new people can teach you something new about yourself. They can show you that there is so much more that you can offer a person. Every person you meet will see something different inside of you. And, like you for that particular thing. When you take the time to get to know a new person, you can learn this new thing about yourself.

Friday May 21

Playing Pool With Friends

I recently had the pleasure of hanging out and playing pool with a friend, and it was this night that convinced me that pool was so much fun. The game allows you to talk and laugh and get to know the person/people that you are playing with.

Saturday May 22

My Boyfriends Laugh

My boyfriend has many different laughs. But, there is a particular laugh that makes me go weak in the knees. It's when he hears something extremely funny. This laugh makes me so happy, that I can't even describe the feeling. All I can say is that when I hear it, the smile that appears on my face cannot be wiped away.

Sunday May 23

When my Boyfriend Plays with my Hair

Random Cooking Events

This is the most amazing feeling in the world. I don't know how to describe. It not only physically feels good, but it also gives a sense of love and gentleness.

Today, I had the pleasure of cooking and baking with one of my good friends. It was essentially unplanned. Cooking is a way to relax and get away from the world. You are creating something. And, doing this with a friend makes it ten times greater and more meaningful.

Monday May 24

Strawberries with Sugar

Tastes amazing. It reminds me of my mom and my sisters. It was our snack when we were little.


So... I will add to the list later. I hope you enjoyed.

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”
Frederick Keonig

With much love and happiness,

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