Wednesday, April 28, 2010


All my life, my parents have told me how proud of me they would be if a graduated from college or some sort of higher education. They were so proud when I actually started receiving acceptance letters from universities. While they were proud, I was scared. Life as I knew it was changing. I was turning 18. I was becoming an "adult". I was scared of the responsibilities that would come.

Looking back on those days, it makes me laugh. There was nothing to be scared about. In hindsight, I was being pessimistic. I was focusing on the fact that my parents were not going to be there holding my hand. They were no longer overseeing whether or not I was studying or doing my assignments. It was all going to be new.

Now, my UNDERGRADUATE university years are coming to an end. Did you have to read that line twice??? Well let me repeat it for you.


I have successfully completed 2 bachelors of arts degrees (biochemistry and math) in four years (including summers) at an amazing university.

::: GO GATORS:::

This might make you think that I am crazy but I have mixed emotions about this. I am extremely happy that I have done what many people don't have the opportunity to do. Yet, at the same time, this accomplishment puts more pressure. Now that I have two degrees under my belt, I am expected to do something amazing. I am expected to obtain an awesome, lucrative job and be extremely successful. More responsibilities will come as I am expected to be more independent.

These are the thoughts that have been filling my mind the past couple of days. I have been making an event in my life that is supposed to be wonderful and full of happiness into a something so ugly and miserable. So, from now on I am going to focus on the positives. I am going to reminisce on the amazing times that I have experienced at UF.

So, to all those undergraduates that are finishing up and graduating. Congratulations!!! You have accomplished something amazing and should be proud of yourself.

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