Sunday, April 18, 2010

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For the past few weeks, there has been a void in my Friday night (no cable) routine. This void is due to the fact that there has not been new episodes of The Office. Although you may think this is dumb, I have a geniune love for this show. It's the weirdness and quirkiness of the characters; the "love" stories; the antics in each episode; and mostly the fact that it makes me want to work in an office like that.

I'm about to give my version of a breakdown of MY favorite characters and the "office drama".

Special Agent Michael Scarn

If you don't watch the show and are unfamiliar with the characters, you have at least heard friends and acquaintances add a "That's what she said" into a conversation here and there. I am pretty sure that The Office was not the first to use the phrase, but the usage by Michael Scott has started a popular trend.

Michael never ceases to amaze me. One minute he is doing something totally stupid and embarassing (ex. Claiming he is the father of Jan's baby). Yet, another minute he does something to make me feel totally bad for him. Although he seems totally oblivious to the feelings of many of the office workers (i.e. Toby), he does show on some occasions that he cares. It's his antics that keep me coming for more.


I absolutely love this couple. Watching them go from the friendship stage to dating to engagement to marraige and a baby. It has been amazing. I have cried during every big event. There story is eventful, to say the least. In the beginning, Pam is engaged to Roy. But Jim likes Pam ( I like to think Pam secretly likes Jim at this point).

Oh, Jim. I have a secret crush on him. Seeing him through the first couple seasons when he pined over Pam (although she was engaged to Roy) made me adore him even more. His constant pranks on Dwight always make me laugh. For example:

*stapler in the Jello
*desk wrapped as a present
*etc etc etc

To tell the truth. I admire Jim. Especially in the way he treats Pam. He allows her to live her life and do the things that will make her happy. He allowed her to go to art school in New York even if it meant a long distace relationship. Amazing. This is hard for anyone to do. Especially if they love someone so much and want to spend their life with that person. So, yes. Jim impressed me, and gained my adoration even more when he made that decision.


Dwight. He is too funny. How many people do you meet that own a beet farm and hide ninja stars in their office desk. he's eccentric and just crazy. BUT, I still love him. Like, Michael, he annoys me at times. Yet there are moments in which you feel sympathetic and sorry for him. Like when the relationship with Angela started going kaputz. No matter what, whenever I here "Assistant Manager" the following phrase will come to my mind:
"Assistant TO THE Manager"

So....yeah. those were my absolute favorite characters in The Office. I'm not saying I don't like the other characters. They are hilarious and make me laugh. But these are the first four characters I think of when I hear The Office mentioned.


Te quiero


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